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Insurance companies have insurance adjusters that work for them, whereas Public Adjusters work for you. Public Adjusters have dedicated themselves to understanding Insurance Company policies, as well as the ever-updating rules defining specific insurance terminology. Public Adjusters safeguard their clients from the stresses of the insurance company’s tedious demands, and help secure the most compensation for the damages in the home.

We are a team of experienced licensed adjusters and we are trained to handle all insurance claims processes. We help you, the insurer determine the coverage applicable by detailing and validating all damages. Providing a full home inspection of all the damages in your home at no cost to you. Also helping you understand the “Home insurance policy language” by verifying the damages you suffered are covered by your insurance policy. With our various techniques and detailed experience we help you, negotiate a claim settlement on your behalf maximizing the compensation for the damages in your home and speeding up your recovery.

As soon as you find out about the damage, but remember It is important to contact us as soon as possible in order to secure the highest settlement for your claim. Early communication helps mitigate any further damages to your property. Unmitigated damages may invalidate your claim. Due to insurance company time sensitive demands, early action is optimal. MAG Property Claims can put you in contact with our network of experts including general contractors, engineers, roofers, electricians, plumbers, mold inspectors, leak detectors and water restoration companies to name a few. Once you have taken all actions to mitigate damages, it is crucial to keep all documentation related to the damages including pictures, repair invoices, mitigation invoices, and related receipts.

If your claim was denied, Call us and we will review your claim and advise you whether to re-open the claim or not.

If you find your payment unsatisfactory for the damages suffered, we can help re-open the claim so you may receive the compensation you deserve.

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