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Fire damage claims range from small-scale fires such as kitchen fires to entirely burn down structures or worse. It’s not a simple task to mitigate damages caused by fire due to carbon monoxide traveling through the air, which can be very dangerous to your health.

Due to its the unpredictability of a fire damage site, it’s truly best to leave these tasks to the professionals. Apart from deadly fumes and thick smoke, fires may have died down from the initial flames, but it is not uncommon for cinders and hidden fires to re-ignite and further damage your property or threaten your safety.

There are some easy rules getting to safety as soon as possible in the case of a fire. If the fire was recent, do not re-enter the area due to the danger of latent flames rekindling and reigniting the fire. Take as many pictures as you can and keep a close eye on all materials and possessions that may have been affected. Immediately after, contact MAG Property Claims in order to start mitigation of any damages, also to secure the highest settlement possible.


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